Overcome Depression Without Medication

Overcome Depression Without Medication

Why is it that while submerged in material existence enveloped in self-identity, we keep questioning (Overcome Depression Without Medication) on the significance of life? It is more to satisfy our mind or ego that we keep wondering and questioning, simply because we are never content or fulfilled. This may be perhaps to justify or expect something more out of our future. We therefore in return seek a meaning and purpose.

It is for this very reason neuroscientists today declare that mind majorly functions on it’s own unconsciously. There is simply no one to direct or take over this phenomenal mechanism called mind. When you pursue life unconsciously that is purely through your five senses, you remain insecure, angry, discontented and unhappy. Hence it becomes imperative for us to know the true nature of our own reality.

We are the only living creatures on this planet, who have this ability to be aware and conscious of our own mind and also of others to know and experience all that life provides. However,
all this is subject to our first knowing ‘who we really are’ and also from realizing that our being-ness is independent from the cognitive unconscious mind.

The answer to this all-important subject of life is revealed only after you come to know the third dimension of your existence. Besides body and mind, there is this presence of the spirit residing dormant within telling you that body, mind, name, and gender is what you have gathered from here and there. ‘I am’ that real you, the presence of that fundamental source of aware energy from which you experience and realize what life is all about?

When you pursue your life through the cognitive mind, you are dictated by your likes/ dislikes, emotions/ intellect and that all- important me and mine. However, when life simply experiences from one moment to the next, it is a majestic flow of aware energy combining past, present, and future into one. You are conscious – alert, aware and attentive towards any moment. You respond to every stimulus in a responsible manner and you reflect back with an elevated consciousness.

You are that pure awareness meant to experience and realize the very special gift of uniqueness (Overcome Depression Without Medication). It is your unmatched individuality. Make something out of it. It needs to be created not with scheming and demanding, but intuitively and spontaneously. Your physical existence in space and time is merely a reflection of your beliefs of a separate identity. Therefore the ultimate experience of life lies not in your ‘you and me’ but in the actual reality of its oneness. The secret of life is to be wholly involved with every thought and act in the here and now. You are born with a unique energy signature, make the most out of it and create your own destiny for all times to come.

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